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stultus. | kuroo
only fools fall for you.
two years since he’s last seen you.
college has been a blur; things move by too quickly and assignments constantly pile on. the stress builds and bottles up to the point where there’s no room to breathe-- no room to even think properly.
but when he sees you again, it’s a breath of fresh air.
summer is welcomed without reluctance; it’s a well earned break from school and the worries about the future can temporarily be pushed aside for the present-- for now, for the moments that you can finally feel okay without having this lingering pressure in the back of your mind. there is nothing due-- there is nothing that you can start early on for the future and knowing that makes you feel better than ever.
and seeing him again--
you smile when footsteps enter the cafe and the first thing your eyes catch is that familiar mess of hair.
“two years.”
it’s all you can say when he rises from his seat and approaches you with open arms.
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oblitus. | sousuke
“what does that say?”
you tell him.
“it's spelled this way, right?”
this particular class affects your grade more than the others, so naturally, all efforts to focus are put forth. the faint conversations throughout the lecture hall don’t bother you; the occasional flicker of the lights don’t bother you, but there is a certain someone who is bothering the hell out of you.
it’s question after question. and it’s not even over the actual material.
your concentrated countenance becomes deadpan and you swear all tolerance in the world has been lost. your blank expression does not meet his, however. he’s squinting at the powerpoint with such intensity you wonder if he’s imagining that haru is in front of him.
“why are you looking at the screen like it’s the sun itself?”
his features soften at once and his eyes meet yours; a brow quirks and his facial expression flat out says that he’s been caught-- for
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floraison. | oikawa
{ please listen. }
the first day he meets you, oikawa learns that you love forget-me-nots.
it’s late in the afternoon and practice has finally ended. despite the heavy rain and dreary sky, his mood fails to dampen. he lets out a satisfied sigh when he leaves the gym, although the relieved countenance changes into one of bemusement when he notices the crouching figure in the courtyard.
he would usually pay no mind to it, but the weather is harsh and you’ve made no attempt to find shelter. he marches right over with his umbrella, finding no hesitation to hover over you and protect you from the rain.
“what are you doing?”
the foreign voice captures attention and you shoot up from your position, nearing bumping into the stranger. you recognize him-- it’s hard to attend this school without knowing who the famous volleyball captain is. your startled expression almost makes him laugh-- but he lo
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bizarre. | oikawa
“have you ever thought about aliens?”
it begins.
you know how he is with aliens; normally, you wouldn’t mind indulging him. but finals are in eight hours and you’re on the edge of falling asleep, only to be pulled back by your boyfriend. eyes remain shut, ignoring the constant movement felt while the other tosses and turns in bed.
“i mean, have you ever seen iwa-chan around whenever i talk about them? or whenever there’s a ufo sighting? what if--”
he perks up because it’s about damn time you’ve responded to him.
“shut the hell up.”
:iconciiren:ciiren 94 12
vinco. | urie
urie has the blankest face you’ve ever seen.
you’re always the first to laugh or look away in these contests. it’s never on purpose; sometimes you just make eye contact and bam, you’ve got a staring contest. it hasn’t been long and he knows that you’ll lose soon. when you lean dangerously close to him, he doesn’t falter, but suspicion arises.
“do you love me?”
and there it is-- his lips are beginning to twitch.
“sure thing, cookie.”
he hates that he likes that stupid nickname.
ten seconds later.
he cracks a smile.
you win for the first time that day.
:iconciiren:ciiren 57 4
good accidents. ( soulmate!au ) | kageyama
soulmate au;;
you feel whatever pain your soulmate feels.
“how are you supposed to know who they are when you first meet them?”
yachi thinks about soulmates a lot. this is one of her constant musings; you’ve both talked it through and to be honest, you don’t know how that would work. it isn’t the most practical way to find your soulmate because there’s no real indication like those stories you read about the timers and colors.
if only it were that easy.
“what if you just slapped someone and felt a sting on your face? then you would know it’s them!”
yet another brilliant idea from this little blonde ray of sunshine. the excitement she has almost makes you refrain from denying the idea, but you force a weary smile.
“yachi, that’s not how it works.”
the joy on her face deflates when she realizes that really wasn’t an epiphany and you feel as if you’ve stolen a balloon from a kid at disney world and popped
:iconciiren:ciiren 364 32
iterum. | haise
{ please listen. }
the night sky lights up a quiet room; there’s radiance on his features and he holds the gentlest of expressions. you can’t bring yourself to look away or close your eyes because it’s so genuine-- it’s not the mask he constantly wears for nearly every second of his life. but when he wakes up, he’ll put it back on and he’ll keep living as if there’s no heaviness on his shoulders.
and the thought breaks your heart.
because he’s so at peace right now. he is not suffering-- not now, not in his dreams.
you stay awake because you’re afraid this won’t ever happen again. you stay awake because you’re afraid a nightmare will disrupt the tranquil slumber. you stay awake because if anything were to ever happen, you would be there for him.
for haise.
for a warm heart that endures too much. for a warm heart that s
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Oikawa Tooru x Fem!Reader
Warning: crack-ish
"Yes, I am very well aware—"
"—I don't care! I need the reports done as soon as possible—"
"—when could you bring them to my office?"
"Oh, wife-chan~"
"—tomorrow morning would be wonderful, thank you—"
"...Mrs. Oikawa?"
"—oh! And don't forget to bring last weeks files as well—"
"Don't ignore meee!"
"—let her know I really appreciate it—"
"[Name]. [NameNameNameNameName]—"
"What on earth could be more important than this phone call?" you finally snarled, twisting your neck to level a furious glare at the male, who simply grinned cheekily right back at you. You rolled your eyes as he strolled up to you, lightly wrapping his arms around your waist and burying his nose into your neck. You ignored the shiver than ran down your spine at the brush of his skin against yours. Instead, you covered your phone with a hand and hi
:iconnodakime:Nodakime 207 23
Akashi Seijuro x Fem!Reader
(Kuroko no Basuke)
Warning: A little OOC...?
He was doing it again.
He was doing it again and no matter how much you racked your brain for an explanation, you simply could not come up with a reason as to why.
Was he bullying you? Was that it? If you were to be completely honest, you wouldn't be too terribly surprised. After all, you were—at best—of average intelligence and the male in front of you was at the top of the class of the most prestigious schools in all of Japan! You must have seemed to have the intelligence of a slug in comparison to his genius. And wasn't he like, a really famous basketball star, too? with a terrifying reputation?
The more you thought about it, the more you became convinced that was the reason he was acting like this. There was no other explanation!
(because obviously there was no way in hell that a guy could actually be interested in you.)
"Do you understand how to get this solution now, [Name]?"
:iconnodakime:Nodakime 211 36
rainy memory | levi ackerman [au]
listen while reading
   "I never want to see your face again." 
Heavy rain drops slammed on the exterior of his silk-black Aston Martin car — the noise slightly calming his nerves.
    "Why won't you believe me!" She screamed, her hands balling up into fists.
He clenched his hands on the steering wheel, his knuckles turning ivory from the grip he held on the helm. The ravenette slammed his foot on the accelerator, and he began to zoom past more cars on the freeway. 
    "Mister Ackerman, this is Doctor Erwin Smith." A low monotonous voice said from the other side of the line, "We are calling in regards to your fiance, [Name] [Last Name]." 
His vehicle came to a screeching halt as he slowed down to witness the accident on the side of the highway. 
There her car was — smashed and beyond recognition
:iconroyaldere:royaldere 159 25
invictus. | oikawa
but do you feel like a young god?
oikawa tooru is not invincible.
knees hit the floor and his chest heaves; his lungs burn and they ache. sweat rolls down his body and calloused hands meet the floor. his arms threaten to give out and every ounce of strength remaining goes into supporting himself.
weak. so incredibly weak.
no improvement. weeks have passed. hours spent. a thousand volleyballs hit. red palms, harsh breaths.
yet no improvement.
he doesn’t know what he feels; he’s hit a wall and there’s a mixture of anxiety and frustration that washes over him. it’s a tidal wave that he’s failed to escape and it’s taken him. it’s dragging him away and there’s nothing he can do to free himself. he’s helpless and he doesn’t know what he can do anymore.
and he’s gasping for air but he doesn’t know if it’s because he’s so exhausted or if it’s because of the heavy weight on his chest-- focu
:iconciiren:ciiren 194 23
Spirited Away by Liang-Xing Spirited Away :iconliang-xing:Liang-Xing 5,875 261
The Alchemist (Alchemist! Levi x Reader) AU
Humans believed in two things: God does exist ad he made everything and God didn't exist and everything in life is just a peek of the other world. Every beliefs grow day by day, making it more impossible to congeal and it doesn't make better people or the society either. But in life you ca believe in one thing: Life is like a conflated metal and to have or to create a thing, something with equal value must be lost. Equal Exchange.
A young raven-haired man was walking in the Kingdom of Rose. Rose, by the name, symbolizes the call of romance and affection. In those days roses, for him, symbolizes the virtue of a lost love. For the people around him, he is an enigma. Like an elegy, lying atop of a basket full of sonnets. Everyone look at him with deep respect, respecting his sovereignty and the Kind himself gave him a sumptuous life because of his extraordinary work. The young man doesn't mind it at all. As the Kingdom's alchemist he was already used to it. 
He ente
:iconnatsuki-miaka-nagisa:natsuki-miaka-nagisa 25 5
Levi Ackerman x Fem!Reader
(Attack on Titan)
Warning: don't choke on the fluff.
There comes a time in every pregnancy when a woman forgives her body for what it has done.
[Name] slowly hobbled over to the small, but immaculately made, bed.
With a large exhale of breath, she slowly settled herself down onto the hard mattress, sighing in relief as the weight was relieved from her feet. Absentmindedly, she raised a hand to rest atop her belly, gently rubbing over the swell of her stomach. As if in response, there was a light thump against her hand, and despite her exhaustion, [Name] couldn't help but laugh.
"You still have a while to go, honey," she murmured, seemingly to no one, "be patient."
There was no response, but [Name]'s small smile didn't fade. It was silent in the bedroom, and [Name] amusedly wondered if there'd ever be such peace in two months time, when her beloved was finally due to be born.
Glancing at the clock on the bedside counter, [Name] groaned whe
:iconnodakime:Nodakime 151 37
Levi Ackerman x Fem!Reader
(Attack on Titan | Modern AU)
Warning: Somewhat crackish.
The bright sunlight streaming through the cracks in your blinds warmed your cheek, and you awoke to the happy chirps of the birds outside your window. Mumbling incoherently, you turned over so that the sunlight wasn't shining obnoxiously in your face, allowing your cozy bed to slowly lull you back to sleep. You sighed in contentment as you managed to find the perfect position, snuggling deeper into your little burrow.
The tranquility of the morning continued, and you weren't sure how long you just stayed there, half-conscious, half-unconscious.
All you were aware of was the wonderful warmth around you and the extremely comfortable cushions of the bed.
You were—rather rudely—startled out of your sleep as your roommate barged in.
"Can you believe him?!"
You shot up from your position as Hanji began to pace around the room, watching wide-eyed as she ranted.
"I have a d
:iconnodakime:Nodakime 273 91
Levi Ackerman x Fem!Reader
(Attack on Titan)
(relationships are comprised of many moments
some are just smaller than others)
"Can you die if you're ordered to?"
Erwin's voice rang through the air, and Levi saw the hesitation, the doubt, the fear. Many left, and the few who stayed trembled with uncertainty. Yet, among them stood a few with determination shining in their eyes. Burning jade, blank black, intelligent blue. Lions amongst kittens? he mused.
Only time would tell.
[Name] smirked as she swept the last of the dust pile into her dustpan. Internally cheering, she spun around a few times in happiness before dumping the trash into the nearby trashcan. Setting her hands on her hips, she regarded the spotless room with proud eyes.
"Let's see Corporal complain about this one," she snickered to herself.
"Easy. You completely forgot to clean the window."
[Name] let out a started shriek at the sudden voice, jumping nearly a foot into the air and whipp
:iconnodakime:Nodakime 190 48



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